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Live from Abu Dhabi Connect the World takes you on a journey across continents, investigating the stories that are changing our world.

Live from Abu Dhabi Connect the World takes you on a journey across continents, investigating the stories that are changing our world.

Wednesday's Connector: Eva Longoria Parker

March 11th, 2010
03:57 PM ET

She's one of the most scandalous characters on television and Eva Longoria Parker loves every minute of it.

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The Latina actress plays Gabrielle Solis on the hit US television show "Desperate Housewives" and has craft fully played the vain, materialistic and shallow character for the past six seasons without fail.

Born in 1975 to Mexican American parents, Longoria Parker originally wanted to have a career as a fashion model, but it was her roles on television that shot her to super stardom.

She first appeared on "Beverly Hill 90210" in 2000, but it wasn't until later in that year that she got her big break.

Longoria Parker landed a role playing a psychotic murderer on the soap opera "The Young and the Restless".

After three years in the role, Longoria Parker landed a part on "Desperate Housewives" and has been in the role since 2004.

In 2007 the actress married NBA basketball star Tony Parker.

While Longoria Parker has been a huge celebrity in her own right, she has dedicated a substantial portion of her time to charitable projects.

In 2006, she founded her own charity called "Eva's Heroes" which helps children living with a disability.

She has also been a strident advocate for the Latino community and was named philanthropist of the year by the "Hollywood Reporter".

Longoria Parker is currently in London and will be hosting a gala fundraising night at the Dorchester Hotel for the "Make a Wish Foundation" as well as "Eva's Heroes".

Here's your chance to ask this celebrity philanthropist a question.

Want to know about her role in Desperate Housewives? Does she have any inside goss on the show and Gabrielle? Maybe you want to know about her role as an advocate for the Latino community?

Please post your questions below and tell us where you're from so we can include it in the show. Tune in on Wednesday March 17 at 2100 GMT to see if we used your question.

Should more billionaires donate to charity?

March 11th, 2010
11:56 AM ET

Forbes magazine released its annual list of the world's richest people Wednesday, and for only the second time since 1995, Microsoft founder Bill Gates' name was not at the top.

This year, the title of "World's Richest" went to Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim, with a net worth of $53.5 billion.

But Slim's financial edge over Gates is, well, slim, at least by billionaire standards - just $500 million. A $1 increase in Microsoft shares, the compilers of the Forbes list noted at a press conference Wednesday, could send Gates' net worth ahead of Slim's.

Also, were it not for his extensive philanthropy, Gates would have a net worth in the ballpark of $80 billion, Forbes' Matthew Miller estimated.

Gates is the world's second richest person, with a net worth of $53 billion.

Since 2007, Bill Gates has donated an estimated $28 billion to charity and has set up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fight world poverty and tackle global health issues.

Billionaires' total net worth around the world rose 50 percent to $3.6 trillion.

Not only are there more billionaires than last year, but the ones at the top are even richer than last year. The top 10 billionaires have a combined net worth of $342 billion, up from $254 billion in 2009, Forbes said.

We want to know what you think.

As billionaires around the world get richer, should more follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates and donate large sums of money to charitable organizations? How much of their personal wealth should they give away?

And please let us know from where you are writing.

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