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Live from Abu Dhabi Connect the World takes you on a journey across continents, investigating the stories that are changing our world.

Live from Abu Dhabi Connect the World takes you on a journey across continents, investigating the stories that are changing our world.

Wildlife poaching: Jackie Chan's new foe

February 14th, 2014
01:58 PM ET

Movie star Jackie Chan has faced many foes in his illustrious career, but now he has a new one – wildlife poaching.

He tells Max Foster that he became aware of the cause in an unexpected way – as a result of all the exercise required to keep his famous physique in top shape.  People would give him tiger oil, a product extracted from tiger bones, to heal his injuries and initially he didn't question their advice. "But I never got healed. It always hurt."

Chan later met a doctor, and asked him whether tiger bone was actually effective at healing injuries.  "Nonsense", the doctor replied.

As a result of these experiences, Chan has lent his support to a documentary, 'Tools of the Trade', that highlights the illegal trade of animal products.  These products are commonly used in traditional Asian medicines.

He says that many people still believe that animal products have almost magical medicinal qualities.   "When you eat pig's brain it makes you clever, when you eat pig's knuckle it makes you strong... No! Where are those things coming from?"

And his response to that couldn’t be clearer: "When you destroy the animals, you destroy yourself."

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Publicist: America needed Shirley Temple

February 12th, 2014
03:11 PM ET

World renowned child star and former U.S. Ambassador Shirley Temple Black passed away at age 85 on Tuesday.

Max spoke to the Black family publicist Cheryl Kagan about her memories of Temple.

Kagan, who knew Black personally, said that she had lived a happy, full, and busy life.

"I think what you saw on the screen and on the air was the real Shirley Temple. She was a kind, charismatic, wonderful mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and had been married for 55 years to the late Charles Alden Black. She was an amazing actress, author, and ambassador, and I think her movies are timeless."

Kagan also says that America needed Temple Black at the time she rose to stardom as she was able to "take people's cares away."

Her transition to politics and diplomacy also wasn't as unexpected as it might seem. "She actually co-starred in a movie with Ronald Reagan... She was an amazing woman who could recreate herself and reinvent herself."

Black’s postings as a U.S. Ambassador included stints in Ghana and the former Czechoslovakia. But her experiences as a child star never left her. "She grew up in Hollywood, that was a part of who she was."

Text: Famed former child actress Shirley Temple dies

Text: Appreciation: Shirley Temple, the model child star

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Harry Benson on his life of photos

February 10th, 2014
10:12 AM ET

Harry Benson says he first "hit the big time" when he caught the Beatles having a pillow fight on camera. This gave him the opportunity to travel with the Fab Four to America for their 1964 tour, which took the band truly global. Since then Benson has been called upon to photograph every U.S. President from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Obama. He's marched alongside Martin Luther King and taken intimate pictures of just about every cultural icon from Frank Sinatra, to Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse.

Now he's celebrating 50 years behind the lens with an exhibition of his half-century of work at the Mallett Gallery in London. We asked him to talk us through his favourite pictures and the memories behind them.

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Michael Jackson's manager: Bieber is bored

January 31st, 2014
01:29 PM ET

Raymone Bain, Michael Jackson's manager and spokesperson from 2001-2009, told Max Foster that Justin Bieber is a talented but bored young man who needs to be redirected.

"I think Justin Bieber, frankly, is a bit bored. He's accomplished a lot, there's a lot of money involved, he's able to come and go as he pleases, and I am not sure whether he listens to his management and his team of advisors or if he does not. But what I am suggesting he start doing is channelling that destructive behaviour into something that is more positive so that he can leave a legacy. He's extremely talented. He's extremely handsome. He has made a lot of money, and I don't think he should just rest in his laurels, I think that he needs to be as Michael Jackson. If he wants to emulate Michael he needs to begin to start laying the groundwork as to how he can be a trendsetter."

She does point out the apparent differences in work ethic between Jackson and Bieber. "Michael Jackson never hung out. Michael Jackson never had a large entourage like that. Michael Jackson never played. I remember in the seven years that I worked for him I suggested we go to a movie and he looked at me as if I were crazy. We went bowling one time when he took the kids. Michael Jackson was about business. He always wanted to be the best. He wanted to be the most successful. He wanted to break the records. He wanted to leave a legacy."

In the music business, the importance of good management cannot be overemphasized. "I think that his management have done a great job thus far but you know sometimes when you get on the level of Justin Bieber or Michael Jackson it gets a little bit more than one person can handle."

Jackson was surrounded by a team who supported him, but, as Bain asserts, he also encouraged them to tell him when he was wrong. "There is a misconception. Michael Jackson didn't like 'yes-men'. When we would sit at the table with him he would get angry when we did not tell him what we really thought, he really would."

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